Disperate ideas, reference points, aesthetics meld and then take...

This collection is a celebration of shapes and volume. Pleasure and technique led designer Haley Lebeuf to the elliptical shapes within this collection. Inspired by pottery vessels, architecture, strong feminine archetypes, this collection is at once rich, soft and other worldly.


“I watched a friend play with a strand of silver beads as we talked. 'I want to make those,' I thought. So, I got out on the bench and played. From that joyful act of creation I made elliptical shapes of various sizes and volume... and what would happen if I smashed one? This spark, the following play transformed into a modern, voluminous collection.

This past year has seen me reaching more and more for silver looks. Perhaps it's the Beyonce effect? No matter, I've enjoyed the cool tones and how these silver dominate pieces instantly elevate my look, giving it a sharpness and make an impact.

I'll forever be mixing my metals, though! It's too beautiful and wildly practical.

Enjoy this new collection!”

x o, Haley

Photography | Lucero Archuleta     Model | Salicia Kol

Glam | Colleen Briggs     Styling | Haley Lebeuf

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