The cycles of life are undercurrents to my collections: emergence, growth, success, decline and death.

Growth has been a major theme for me this past year. It is something we must all become comfortable with as we are all constantly changing.

As I’ve changed, I’ve learned to lean into the things that bring me joy. Dance is one of those things. That joy has come with its fair share of difficultly, challenges and humility. This duality of lessons learned and delight plays out so beautifully on the dancefloor.

Rhythm is inspired by the joyful movement of dance.

The pieces within this collection most often visually express the Texas Two-Step, a dance I learned growing up and enjoy often in Austin. To newcomers, it is verbally taught as “quick, quick, slow, slow.” The lines and shapes within Rhythm connect with this dance, as well as the “1-2-3” steps of the Country Waltz.

With all partner dances, the patterns and framework allow us to learn, communicate and find balance in connection.

Rhythm is a true mixed metal collection, adding brass in addition to the usual silver and gold-fill. This addition adds a rich depth of patina. It encourages us to lean into a wabi-sabi mindset, finding beauty in imperfection, in individuality.

Whether you're a dancer or you're just interested in finding out more about Rhythm, I hope that what is clear when you think about this collection is that it implores you seek out joy in your life, to be bold in your pursuit of knowledge or skill and to have fun. Wear items that remind you of your intentions, your beauty and the beauty of this wonderful world.

xo, Haley

Photography | Lucero Archuleta     Model + Glam | Josie Lo     Styling | Haley Lebeuf

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