The pendulum swings, the years pass, and our lives flow forever forward. Sequence seeks to celebrate how we measure time and our lives.

Thoughtfully handcrafted with the intention to bring quality pieces with a relaxed elegance to the wearer. This collection is expertly handmade in sterling silver, 14k gold-fill and vermeil. It is set with druzy, hematite and moonstone.

"This collection is very near and dear to my heart. There were so many positive and challenging experiences in the past year of my life. From them I was inspired to create Sequence.  

For me, it is all about how each little moment of our lives knits together to create our story. I was thinking a lot about time; the time we spend together, and how the passage of time makes little imprints on our lives. There is always a bit of chaos. Hopefully, from that we can make something beautiful and celebrate the happy moments that make it all worthwhile."

xo Haley