Digging through her parents’ record collection, jeweler and designer Haley Lebeuf found the sounds of her Texas heritage. Tejas, the new collection, is based off the ZZ Top album of the same name. The pieces explore 70s Texas glam, country/rock culture through the lens of Lebeuf’s modern, minimal aesthetic.


“This past year I felt called to return to my roots. I’m a country girl at heart. When it came time to ponder my next collection, I wanted to celebrate my rural Texas upbringing.

I spent a lot of time lounging at my parent’s home in Cat Spring, listening to their record collection. Most of it being from the time when vinyls truly ruled.

My folks lived in Houston about the time ZZ Top released, “Tejas.” I’ve long romanticized the era, imagining them enjoying the music scene of their mid-twenties. My dad certainly looked like he could have been part of the band!

Once I came across their ZZ Top “Tejas” album, I was instantly in love with the graphic design: the cover, with its soft oil painting of scenic west Texas and the charming images of the band. One of my favorite images is of the trio looking off into the distance. Their outfits enthralled me!

This collection is a lot of fun and one that I truly love because it comes from my family, my heritage, my heart. Hope y’all enjoy it, too!”

x o, Haley


Photography | Lucero Archuleta     Model | Megan Dodds   

Glam | Colleen Briggs     Styling | Haley Lebeuf

Listen to the namesake album by ZZ Top that inspired the collection's mood

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