Violet Crown is a celebration of Austin, the culture, the spirit and most especially the women that make up this vibrant city. The name refers to a nickname coined at the turn of the century to describe the mystical violet glow that covers the city as the sun sets. Austin's mix of people, culture and art set against the beautiful Texas Hill Country provide infinite inspiration. The hammer texture seen throughout this collection highlights the area's interesting geology and mix of flora, especially the Greenbelt, that is at the heart of the Austin lifestyle. The interjection of crisp lines speaks to the growth and popularity of our little city.

This collection also introduces new stone shapes and included crystal quartz. Violet Crown is lighthearted and sophisticated, causal and glam and sure to be filled with your favorite "go-to" pieces.

"The inspiration for Violet Crown came to me as I was driving through the city to meet with some friends. I was struck by a moment of pure happiness and realized, travelling down Guadalupe, how many experiences and joy I have had in my fourteen years as an Austinite. In that moment, Austin became the inspiration for the next collection.

The city is rich in inspiration, so I narrowed my scope to the things I love and the women within the city that I wanted to celebrate.

I am so happy with how this collection came together. I hope you enjoy it, too!"

xo Haley