SIMS Foundation

SIMS Foundation provides mental health and substance use recovery services for musicians, music industry professionals, and their families to support the well-being of the Austin music community.

We are so proud to be featuring this wonderful foundation especially after the recent release of the Tejas Collection, which was inspired by the Texas band, ZZ top. Our local musicians keep the heart and soul alive in Austin, so we want to do everything we can to support them.

Pump Project

Pump Project Art Complex is a 501(c)3 non-profit, East Austin art space that provides working studios and gallery facilities to emerging and established artists. At Pump Project artists come together to work, experiment and exhibit, actively enriching the community through new ideas, innovative projects and the creative spirit.

Pump Project supported my business in its very early stages and helped me grow as an artist and a person. Continuing to nurture these spaces where art and artists can flourish are critical to the soul of our city. Let's support them!

Boss Babes ATX

Boss Babes ATX is a Texas-based nonprofit that amplifies and connects women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and organizers. We create space to catalyze multi-industry coalitions, promote intersectionality across platforms, share our crafts, seek guidance and provide each other with practical and emotional resources.

Women & Their Work

To celebrate the giant strides that women have made in civil rights this year, we were inspired to contribute to an orgaization benefiting and uplifting women, and Women & Their Work have been doing exactly that for 40 years!

Founded in 1978, Women & Their Work has actively developed the careers of more than 1800 artists, presenting hundreds of visual art exhibitions, music, dance and theater events, literary readings, film festivals and educational workshops. They help artists find funding by helping to secure grants from the City of Austin as well as providing fiscal sponsorship through the generosity of their members. In the community they provide arts education for AISD students and often provide assistance for transportation and substitute teachers so that the schools can afford to send the students to the gallery. We love the far reaches of their cause!

SAFE - Stop Abuse for Everyone

SAFE is an Austin based organization with the goal of increasing awareness of and preventing sexual and domestic violence and abuse in communities through training, education, counseling, and more. To learn more about the work they are doing and the many types of people they assist, visit their website at They believe strong, healthy, vibrant communities are built on the foundation of strong, healthy, vibrant families.

Let us all work together to achieve their mission to create a just, safe community free from violence and abuse. Thank you for your contribution!

Art from the Streets

The arts community is near and dear to our hearts. Art From the Streets gives the enormous gift of self-esteem and financial support directly to the homeless artist that created it.