Studio Tour

Thanks for joining me!


First Weekend

Saturday, November 14th

WATCH | Go inside a working jewelry studio and take a look at the equipment necessary to hand fabricate your favorites pieces. Learn what goes into each piece and traditional jewelry techniques such as soldering, forging and stone setting. See how I organize a creative working environment with limited space. Check it out on IGTV.

WATCH | I'm going deeper into my studio and following up with a few viewer questions.

Sunday, November 15th

WATCH | Coffee Chat: The jewelry industry in Austin, why I love E.A.S.T. and the Women's Jewelry Association. Grab a cup!

WATCH | Join me as I show some of my favorite "more complicated" pieces from my jewelry collection. Check 'em out video or browse the links below.

Here are the pieces I tried on in order of appearance:

ZZ Hoop, Stardust Diamond Studs, Tour Earring, Fringe Ear Climber, Fringe Collar, Asp Coil Earring, Tiny Lotus Petal Pull Through Earrings, Lotus & Asp Necklace, Austin Two Tone Hoop, Greenbelt Two Tone Necklace, Sequence Earrings, Tempo Threaders, Sundial Double Ring, Comet Hook Earrings, Neptune Clasp Necklace, Lariat Necklace and Sleek Handpiece.


Second Weekend

Saturday, November 21st

WATCH | We'll kick off this weekend with a chat about my overall aesthetic, inspiration for the collections and one-of-a-kind pieces.

WATCH | Virtual Trunk Show: Showing and talking about some one-of-a-kind and other favorites. Take a peek!

Sunday, November 22nd

WATCH | Coffee Chat: my designing process, overcoming issues and looking at my fun Halloween headpieces.

WATCH | Virtual Trunk Show featuring tiny hoops and studs, wear and care tips and wrapping up the Austin Studio Tour.  

Here are the pieces I tried on in order of appearance:

Fate Tiny Hoop, Single Small Ear Cuff, Greenbelt Tiny Hoop, Double Bar Stud, Lightning Bolt Stud, Box Chain Stud, Reflection Two-Tone Stud, Lotus Fan Stud and Asp Stud.

I'm also wearing the Lone Star Bar Necklace, Circle and Square Stardust Studs, Cross Roads Ring, Druzy Stack Band, Nile Stack Band, Phase Ring, Moment Ring with Druzy and the Luxe 18k Pyramid Stack Band.

Who knows what we'll dive into!

Thank you!