Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love

This February has a lot of significance for me. This month marks one year since my life drastically changed, when I had to let go of a lot of assumptions about the trajectory of my life. It has been a year full of growth and self reflection, but most of all love. My family, friends and community have given me so much support and love.


C H A R L E S T O N | solo travel, self care

In celebration of this anniversary, I took my first solo trip. I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina not having any more expectations than knowing it would challenge me. Ultimately, it allowed me time to reflect on this year and really understand myself and what I want.

What I came back to is LOVE. Who I love, what I love about myself, what I love to do and what I love search out. Y'all, I love art. I love creating. I love organizing all the swirling imagery in my mind to create stories with jewelry. I love being able to share my passion with people and see them take what I've created and make it their own. I am so thankful for nearly 8 years in business.

It also forced me to focus on self care. I spent a day walking around with my case and visiting with stores in the area. My body was not happy with me after! The next day was spent taking care of myself, getting a little pampering with a massage and a haircut. Like most things, love begins within yourself. Actively being the best version of yourself benefits those around you. Don't neglect yourself!

C O M M U N I C A T E | speaking of love...

Communication is crucial to any relationship. Taking the 5 Love Languages quiz created by the author Gary Chapman is a fun exercise to understand how each person communicates love. I definitely got some insight about the gestures that truly mean the most to me. What are your love languages? Mine are ranked below. I included a few little ideas to get you started expressing love.

Words of Affirmation | Sending a little card is always a sweet gesture if you aren't able to be around one another. Paper Bird Art Shop has the best selection of handmade cards.

Acts of Service | What do they need help with? Drawing a blank? Get started here.

Quality Time | Here is a really good list of 108 fun date ideas.

Receiving Gifts | I put together an EDIT just for you! If you need something for your man, I would suggest a handmade leather and waxed canvas dopp kit or weekender from Clark & Taft.

Physical Touch | I'm sure y'all can figure this one out. Ha.

J E W E L R Y / E D I T | giving love

Valentine's Day is coming right on up. Considering that gift giving is one of the five ways we communicate love, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of customer favorites. Sometimes choosing gifts can be difficult; it's good to know that you're choosing from the best available. If your love is more of a "one-in-a-million woman, she might appreciate a One-Of-A-Kind piece!Let's be frank - gift giving is not the point. - that's the point. But, hey, saying those things with a gift doesn't hurt. If one of their love languages is receiving gifts, then you're set!

Whether it's your romantic love, your family or your BFF, communicating that you love someone, that they are in your thoughts, that they are an integral part of your life is really the point of Valentine's Day. This month, go out there and show all those who mean the most to you that you love them.

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